The Law Of Projection!

Law of Projection is a wonderful tool for our growth and development.
It is a Law of Mind.
Whatever we project on our screen of mind, we perceive it around us.
The movie first screens in our mind. This movie is all about our beliefs, our patterns, our attitudes, our characteristic traits and our feelings.
Now, this movie is not just in our mind, but projects on the world around us, which means the world we see around is nothing but the picturization of our beliefs.
Everything you see outside of yourself is a projection of how you feel about you being projected onto someone or something else.
The person or object is holding up a mirror for you to see yourself and your inner feelings about yourself, more clearly.
What is in me determines what I see in the world around me.
The world inside me is called  Primary Reality and whatever we see outside is called 'Secondary Reality'.
Primary Reality determines how we will experience Secondary Reality.
The world around us reflects who we are, what…

The Power Of Subconscious Love!

Hello friends!You might have read or known many things about power of subconscious mind.Today I am going to talk about Power of 'Sunconscious Love'!The thing which has not been much discussed in any articles or theory yet.Many people nowadays love consciously i.e. may be they are abide by rules of society or their complementary needs or may be they do not want to or can not see or take the plunge of their relation ending.     In conscious love you use your rationale,logic,measurements,consequences,profits and losses,external features while loving a person but when you love a person at subconscious level you just don't think about anything but just about being together and about growing in all areas of life together with that person.You even don't object much about negativities of that person and tend to forgive that person always.Whatever negative may happens,but you will still want that perosn in touch with you.One of the symptoms of subconscious love is when …

Inner Happiness - The fuel for success

Inner Happiness - The Fuel For Success!
   We often say, 'It is a state of mind'. But "you have to choose your happiness" - it is a freedom of your choice.
The utmost point to remember is you must sincerely desire to be happy.
Sometimes people unmindfully choose unhappiness. They do so by entertaining thoughts such as;
 1- today is a bad day, everything is going wrong. 2- everything I do turns out to be a failure. 3- I can but I can't , etc.
You attract unhappiness in different forms when you carry such attitude in mind.
It is said " A man's life is what his thoughts make of it" . The thoughts which you habitually cherish, have the tendency to actualize themselves into physical conditions. Ensure that the right action is lodged into your subconscious mind.
Lets start with *Affirmation* - Affirmation is a positive statement that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. 1- "peace, harmony and poise govern my mind at all…

Anger Is Self Destrustion!

Anger is your biggest enemy. CONTROL IT. before this controls U its just one letter away from "D"ANGER.
   A carpenter went home after shutting down his workshop.  While he was gone, a poisonous snake entered his workshop. The snake was hungry and hoped to find it's supper lurking somewhere within. It slithered from one end to another. Finally got bumped into an axe and got very slightly injured. In anger and revenge , the snake bit the axe with full force. What could a bite do to a metallic axe ? Instead the snake's mouth started bleeding. Out of fury and arrogance, the snake tried it's best to strangle and kill the object that was causing it pain by wrapping itself around the axe. The next day  when the carpenter opened his workshop, he found a dead snake wrapped around the axe blade. The snake didn't died because of someone else's fault but faced these consequences merely because of its anger and wrath.   ometimes when angry, we try to cause harm to other…

Magnify & Get Whatever You Dezire!

What you dezire & think you just have to focus and magnify your attention on it and whatever you focus,magnify it gets manifested in universe , try to make your thoughts & dezires a reality by not just thinking but also visualizing it every day. Start making these pictures bigger, bolder, brighter and feel it as if its is becoming  a reality.      Stop thinking on your past, stop repent, regret, disappointments and feeling hatred as all this will just occupy your mind in limitations and negativity and restrict you from thinking think positive and exceling in your life.
   If you follow this, you will just end up magnifying & manifesting your will and dezire and unwillingly you will make it a reality.     Let's start this coming new year by focussing and magnifying what u want to attract faster!
Wish you a happy,healthy,wealthy and prosperous new year!
 *-Shruti Dhruve Chitlangia* 

The Show Must Go On!

Don't worry about moving slowly but be afraid of not moving at all which creates stagnancy in life.We compare ourselves with other's success,l but we miss on one factual thing that success is the sum total of small efforts repeated consistently day in and day out. All those seemingly insignificant habbits you practice every day, adds up to big results. Remember currently these small steps or practices might take a small time in your life due to other prior or most important commitments depending upon the life cycle of you as an individual but with consistent efforts, it will soon consume your most important quadrant of life.Do not miss to take those small steps today to reap its benefits & rich dividends tomorrow!
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A Money Multiplication Affirmation!

We all love to get more money,become richer but we don't wish separation from the money.That is, when time comes to giving or investing money,we hezitate as it gives us worry or frustrations at times.We think it's just in our thoughts and in our mind hence won't really affect us, but now case is reverse, our thoughts including thoughts of people surrounding us, makes our thoughts  & behaviour patterns  creating  our new false negative belief system on money, which will create negative results accordingly.Let's challenge it!Lets start to follow this mantra.While giving or investing money say to universe that "hey money go,travel in universe & comes back multiplying 10 times of its value" and at same time visualize multiplication of wealth in your life & feel its happiness.Now you will start experiencing miracles in your life.You will no more hezitate to give away or invest money in right things which can give you rich dividends and returns!